Lightbulbs give you cancer


Oh wait, energy saving lightbulbs will give you skin cancer (and migraines, and eczema, and dizziness).

If they continue at this rate they will classify 936 objects into cancer causing or cancer curing in 2008. That’s not counting the Mail on Sunday.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew.


20 Responses to “Lightbulbs give you cancer”

  1. 1 Jaz

    What a fantastic blog – well done. The Daily Mail is the most loathsome of newspapers and deserves to be publicly pilloried for its lamentable coverage. All power to you.

  2. 2 Jo

    Come back! Came across this via a link from DollyMix and this looks like a really entertaining blog – but only for one month, back in the halcyon days of January 2008. Sadface. Come back!

  3. Come back – you’re needed more than ever. This is an excellent project. Would be happy to help you edit this for a year. I can’t wait to see the list at the end. Short Sharp Science blog linked to you today with this little Gem:

  4. 5 Mike

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  5. 6 Tom

    Like those above say: come back!

  6. Great idea, expose them for the idiotic new reporting that they do.

  7. 8 NoXion

    Allow me to add my voice to the chorus requesting your return.

  8. 9 Nick

    Your blog was mentioned in New Scientist magazine. They, along with myself, implore your return.

  9. 10 Tom

    So wait, The Mail on Sunday causes cancer to now?

  10. 11 jeremy

    I am seroiusly concerned about CFL bulbs being a cause of cancer, doubly so as this was written up in the the Daily Mail so it must be true! Have they made any progress in proving a link between. immigration & lung cancer yet? They are also compiling satistics of the role of political-correctness-gone-mad to Leukaemia I believe….it’s so encouraging to know a national newspaper takes such an active role in the advancement of science.
    My concern- doe’s eating 10 CFL’s per week increase the risk factor? Oh by the way a friend wants to know is having sexual fantasie’s about Richard Littlejohn carcinogenic or just strange?

  11. Please start this blog again, it is the best thing on the interwebs ever!

  12. Unadulterated words, some true words man. You made my day!

  13. Please keep this up, or start again, could you get some help? A team of blogstaff? We need this sort of thing.

    Back in about 1993/4, I was reading either the mail or the ES (I needed some entertainment to get me through my IRA Bomb-scare littered commute – in both directions), when an article on about page 8 clearly linked Tea with the dreaded ‘Big C’ only for an artile in the ‘Femail’ (Oh hahah, so clever, so droll!) section to tell us all that Tea was the best fix for Cancer since the last one (Probably Cranberries, a page or two earlier), by the end of the Oh-so-usefull eight page sexist pullout, the Femail’s correspondants (did I really just credit them with that title, I must be too full of seasonal good cheer!) had identified at least two other food-stuffs that were going to kill me before I got to Waterloo, were I foolish enough to indulge!

  14. Well given the power of the placebo effect wouldnt it be fair to say that the daily mail is a major source of cancer, wonder will they survey daily mail readers and discover a significant increase in cancer among its readers.

  15. Yes, do come back! This is an invaluable service. Maybe you could sell subscriptions so we get text-message notifications of new medical breakthroughs as they happen?

  16. 17 Aaargh!

    It’s sad that this blog has been neglected for so long.

    Any chance of some new reports?

  17. 18 Malzy

    Ah, I have just rediscovered this page whilst trying to show it’s brilliance to a friend and am sad to see it is defunct. Please come back!

  18. 19 nia

    oh fuck please come back!!!

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