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Running Totals


OK I am off on holiday, I will leave you with a running total. While I am gone feel free to add any Mail cancer stories in the comments. Cure Cancer: laughing. Cause Cancer: nano particles, obesity, sugary drinks, alcohol, bacon, ham, processed meats, salt, saturated fat, sugar, energy saving lightbulbs. Advertisements

Shit. What have I taken on? They do actually run a cancer story every day. We have our 1st cancer cure of the new year. Laugh your way to health, “happy women may be at lower risk of problems such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity.” But not if you are a […]

In an article on Bowel Cancer tests the Mail couldn’t resist sifting through some more substances and splitting them into cancer curing and cancer causing. To be filed under cancer causing: obesity, sugary drinks, alcohol, bacon, ham, and other processed meats. But it’s not all bad, they do reveal the important new news that fresh […]